I was informed by the woman known as mother, of a particular meat dish that should be consumed.
from long travels, i settled at the specified location, an eating place with lights that dimmed as the concept of time passed. a place with an atmosphere of swamps and fogs.
an initial bowl of food was before me, pale vegetables, portions too small for a large man.
to complement the dish, I left it in search of that mythic meat mentioned by mother.
the distance between stall and table became far, to the point where i lost sight of my original seating. the food spread at the stall felt dated, aged by the slow dimming of lights. the woman behind the counter had other types of meat except the chosen one. long exchanges ensued while my mind remained conscious of my food at the table left open to the elements or taken by the starving that may drift by.
the stall woman packed two sets of meats from two different animals. a black liquid was poured over white flesh. the total numerical value being 13 when all i wanted was a 3 or 4. by the time negotiations were completed, total night had taken over the food hall and the distance to my table felt to be at its furthest. men, eroded by the long night were at various tables, nursing empty glass mugs, alone in the vast realms of stagnant dreaming.
a plan – in hindsight, doomed to failure – was the taking of a bus back to my original position. the bus turned along fixed routes and took me out and away from where i was supposed to return. i stopped at the first stop after, having gone across boundary lines and maps, fatiguingly far from my initial node. the way back was almost out of reach. I started running, plate or container of meat in hand. after some distance, i noticed all the meat was gone.
retracing my steps, i found the succulent pieces on the ground, on grass, in puddles of dirty water. i pick them up one by one, a part of me already consuming them as the night deepened.
#dailywriting2016, #Dailywriting, #dailywritingday26 #oneriricnovel, #dream #irvingpaulpereira

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