triune voyage


train line configurations
a system of realities
monorail call signs, each station an age in time
denizens, histories as maps
a half square of dots and lights


woman known as mother lost in the wealthiest mall
woman known as mother released from clinic lab
tracking signal off radar, the blind sister searches

we would spend, alone hours at plates
we would spend minutes, desperate in the monolith

a heart knows the woman visits dead sister
who is alive but pale in the timeline of gowns
the heart knows a massive place, where fresh bodies turn to ash
mother, mother, do not go among the fires


the bus turns from daylight
the drained sun, a grey globe
streets narrow with rain, an eternal sign of lightening

a voice sings praise to darkness
a girl who follows me, laughs

a heart knows the straight way on a crooked path
through houses made of shops and cultures
childhood miniatures built by old hands
plastic homes, animals, farm mothers, children
sculptures of next gods on upper shelves

what worlds are being stored or made here?
why are so many stores so similar?
and as I pass through them, to cafes and students and mentors
what does my presence change?


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