she gestates in the room
for unknown stretches of time
behind the grey and secret door
changing age according to
thoughts of malicious men
or those who love her
She’s been in there so long
I believed I was alone in the dusk house
without current / with running water
now, two doors are known
one to the hall of shore and ocean
one to the bathroom where I am
she comes out of her room, like it was a cocoon
circling the dinner table by shower stall
I stumble out naked, mildly shocked
skin untouched by water
her hair is finely watered
silken, well fed, damp
she’s dressed in simple clothes
nil erotic between us
she seems younger than I imagined
or have known her to be
she says something softly
but our languages don’t match
I stumble like a jester without name
trying to recall our history
we have no food or contact
but her voice fills me, making ages disappear
#oneiricpoetry #dailypoetry2016day10 #irvingpaulpereira

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