selling off tablet
the boy who will buy is late
I wait under block
a strange recall
scaffolding on building (kitchen side)
twice, thrice its normal height
mass families in crammed units
clothes dangling on sticks
clothes fallen
memory points to moving cartons
household contents banished from home
garage sale with no people
no funeral, or recent wake
clothes with no bodies to clothe
I wait on grass, barefoot
in sky, airship circling
’tis not evening, but ending
a need to restore tablet
return to origin setting
no extra apps for the boy who buys, who is late
I think there are dogs walking
I think, but it isn’t real, unsure
only the lonely shrubs, un-leashed
watched by airship in sky
#dailypoetry #dailypoetry2016day7 #oneiricpoetry #irvingpaulpereira

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