finale – a compilation of singular lines

moon corpse turning to ice, oceans rise
logic is a complication, logic is always false
we’re running out of time

Le body dies-
conscience questions memory
Yggsdrasll, the cosmological tree, extends from it all
dreams perpetually forgotten
bird of evening, moves to another tree

there’s darkness and tinctures in the sky
your mother: a painted doll of nails, black thorns, golden tiger pendants, kneels before kitchen knife mirrors demanding sexual intercourse

I don’t know when my artist child died
I’m too close to the corpse
must bury her body fast

my body is a house of veins
one thousand one hundred worlds
made from good, strong bark
this is my truth, changeling
acid burning flesh in goop

It started raining in the hall
face turned to sky
.night, dripping off lotus palm
I lay my hands on a child’s head
there’s heavy rain and tarmac, seen through white noise and static
exits changed locations
hands, sulphuric, prune like
will baptise your mess
between deep blue evening and first dark night

I spend hours surfing and searching
eyes replaced by black orbs
smoking, writing poems that mean nothing
because the beautiful women, ALL OF THEM,
have gone to heaven ala the ascension of Mary.

So why was I running, girl in hand, in a Uni?
So I set my sis on fire
I will hang my self

Pet delicacies: come here my nympho Daughter,
was your brother a good boy?
The blind, apocalyptic, ‘man of my weird’, said
You’re a Gesamtkunstwerk.

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