dinner with Hannibal

Vide Cor Meum is on the Bose
air smells like roasted baby, carrots.

She says, “Dad loves supple breast meat.”
“I personally favour thighs, tongue, and neck.”
“Mom enjoys a good heart.”

“Was your brother a good boy?”

sweet little brother
marinated in ma’s milk
microwaves goodbye

“That’s a bad way to cook such a fine sibling.”
“How would you have done it?”

slice foreskin thinly (sun dried till it curls)
simmer sperm until fragrant (let sister squat over pot)
salt scrotum slowly (steamed until shrivelled)

Thoughtful emoticons flash across the screen
Spotify is playing X La Cathedrale Engloutie

“Where are all your poets, Hannibal?”
“On a train, reading poems to gutted, flopping Politicians.”
“In the dark?”
“Yes, to keep corneas fresh, for our dessert.”
“I thought we were having-

leek in labia leaks
whipped cream for chocolate rim jobs
boring kidney beans

“Exactly, it’s boring. I’ve got tako chefs ready with satay sticks.”
“You really know how to raise eyebrows, Sir Hannibal.”
“Why thank you Clarice, Clorets for your clit?”
“Only if you’ll partake..”

note: https://open.spotify.com/…/…/playlist/5OF9xXaMVFUcJxbo17npae

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