ADS 4 DADA!!!!

ADS 4 DA DA !!!!

house for sale: free adult diaper helmets for those who talk shit, fallopian mee, a view of the sea, pocket calculators and octopi food!

Father, in enema dress, will baptise your mess, while you take rest in the ting tong house!

Bald tires, cyclop balls, cougar dolls and toilet shawls, can buy you birds of a father!

Stone sculpture, with magic bone to hone mighty THORGASMS, will make you gorgeously bald!

Food for brains: big, beautiful dames, with sauerkraut snatches and wet biscuit games, grows grandpa a hard stone!

‪#‎irvingpaulpereira‬ ‪#‎singpowrimo2016day22‬ ‪#‎singpowrimo2016prompt22‬


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