ultra high—definition smart television
ultra high on self-replicating cyberdelics
Vlogs under the influence of:
—Uganda yoga music videos
—Japanese floral arrangement documentaries
—amputee seafood fetish cooking shows
—farm decor porn
while network hacking smart home comp.

The fridge goes online, ordering:
—salmon, sautéed with spiked seaweed
—wedding package for three persons including baby shower presents scheduled for delivery in ten months.
—three year old dog with one leg from eBay
—paracetamol patches
—nipple piercing sterilisation cream from Italy
—1/2 kilo vietnamese veal
—2 kilos ladyfingers
comm line recordings are taken out of context.
A.I telephony calls for:
-plumbers with a penchant for follicle repair
-ultrasound technicians
-a soviet-catholic dominatrix (vegetarian)
-underwear model turned strangler from DarkNet
-a pinnochio poet

They each arrived ten minutes apart, in pimped up pope mobils.

Maze protocol activated upon doors locking. Exits changed locations.

luthanasian death metal music was pumped through spa treatment sectors of the psychocybernetic house.

Molecular mutation drugs were intelligently designed and furtively dispersed through weather manipulation air-conditioning.
The following shorts were filmed, edited and distributed by an automated Cannes System (ver 6.0)

1) Jungian Jungle Junk Jam.
Reanimated Vietnamese veal with traumatic experiences of the war takes the law into its own hoof. Using outlawed ultrasound torture devices, the pinocchio poet, who is a lying son of a G.I, is systematically sodomized with japanese flower arrangement paraphernalia.

2) popo’s malady.
a sad plumber gets called to the house of an ex-underwear model to repair the digestive system of a retired telletubby suffering from stage 4 rectum cancer. While being sexually aphyxiated, the humping \ pumping hero ejaculates life-saving, cancer eating bodily fluids into the clogged pipes of po. Jesus recognizes the sacrifice and declares the strangler and plumber, saints.

3) seafood in spaaaaace.
octopusses without tentacles are sent to outerspace, riding a one legged dog. Ten months later, a baby -with ladyfingers and paracetamol patches for sex organs- is born and sent back to earth as a harbinger with nipple piercings.

4) etceretra etcetera

Many other absurdist films were shot. The soviet dominatrix, however, had too much seaweed with high levels of THC. She/It/They/Him brutally bludgeoned the cast and crew with rabid salmon while uganda yoga music videos looped in the background. Their body parts are now used as farm porn decor.

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