blind panic hit clusters in the city where I am (bus terminal / motel) I can smell screaming. 

I have to go back. 

the world near home is also infected.


A menace, lurking, everywhere 

frenzy. razor. escalating. 


something in the night. hunting.

it’s a knowing.

the air feels wrong.

some kind of vicious ideation or parasite. 

loose. elusive.

there in city lights, blink and gone light speed. 

high pitched overhead, in nurseries, streets, places of worship.

attacks, rising. 

attacks, from within. a psychological maelstrom. 

terminal emotional trauma. unpredictable. 
Initial reports / 

invasion levels. 
the house I come back to is changed. 

room is where the kitchen was. door locked: inside, bright and clamouring. loud music. my sister (I don’t know what has happened to her or what is happening.)

media reports outbreak, but I need to see for myself. 

actual room is now a window. 

I see confused night, roads outside. perspectives all wrong. our house is on the highway, vanishing point at twelve o’clock. right house, wrong floor. misplaced. 

road fence steel twisted out of concrete. 

unseen brute force. 

police dog had to be carried across. an alsatian, spooked and paralysed. 
mother has put up extra religious plaques, talismans, pics of holy scenes. we don’t know what we’re warding off.

there are children here, strangers in our house, refuge and shelter. 

I lay my hands on a child’s head. 

“breathe in and out, like deep smoking.”

clearing out malice from lungs. pointless. 

something sinister hatches in our blood. 

awareness equates anxiety. 

the crucifix fails. 
#irvingpaulpereira #singpowrimo2016day18 #singpowrimo2016prompt18

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