Bodies by #irvingpaulpereira 
Found my body in a fog 

an incongruous stream, 

splash marks and color poisoned

an indiginous creature, wading in half-dream. 
I’m fork tongued and language thick, 

breath tendon taut, 

hot, invasive, sick.
Last night I felt my body, 

a film of dirt and shadows 

stretched over sea rock and bed sheets 

fungal and sullied.
my body in a gas chamber

dreaded cot, compulsive vessle 

limbs dancing, soliloquy of skin 

/ infanticide / matricide /

lullaby and family ties.
This body flares with felicity 

a wild terrain of flesh, forbidding 

wanton and languid, clothed with the sun, 

rays caught in gel of eye, lips wet like a drowning woman. 
“I am he of the flower beds, forever earth

Sky cast and sanguine, volition most feared“


body on a screen, 

interlaced, forgiving 

needles, teeming

sutures for mothers, maidens, mutants

in search of spines and saccharine
my body is a house of veins

time bound and livid 

an animal heart, 

finely tuned to preying 

light dispersed in acrid fog.
my body is inside you.

scent of jugular, fruit of thy womb

I’m the silence that follows scene 

I’m blind spot and angle 

eyes in your bathroom wall.
I know where you live.
#singpowrimo2016day11 #singpowrimo2016


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