the dog walker

petrichor comes down to play
dog comes down to play under the block,
at the wake

yellow, plastic sheets
hide tables, coffin, seats

dog walks around the tent
sniffing for candles and flowers and waxy skin.
there’s a throng – spectators, neighbors, hustling to see
a famous body hidden from view.

I’m too close to the corpse.
There’s a strange air in my chest.

A girl whom I like stands behind queue stands,
red velvet ropes (crowd control)
she calls my name.
she has her children with her. Her skin is ashen glowing.
I wish to see her on the ground, legs in the air.

She makes me grow old.

I wind my way through legs like a dog
to roadside, drop off point, waiting for a silver-grey family car

they will have with them a lumiscent star fish.

petrichor descends like light
beam. Straight down, dividing night sky.
Tt point of impact, or where something
shines, there is an empty vehicle – silver-grey
the dog still searches for body
but flesh scent is masked by formaldahyde


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