salmons on the mount

Behold the chickens’ hand
Salut, Salut
road busy with nightingales
storming hails
ripping sails
thrown off course, of course
tragic tangents and terror traffic
hold the chickens’ hand,
“run, chicken, run!”
“Aloe vera plant,”
vera said,
“verily, verily, I say unto you,
unless the hole in your hand is holy
it’s only good for
finger licking good
“run, children, run!”
Move in with moo,
with mua, with Mandy
with the mojito molotov death squad
with movenpick vanilla smeared on
maple syrup mouths sealed with scotch tape
in kinky kinokuniya cubicles where:
you read my epic to Gilgamesh,
marshmallows meelting down membranes and mandibles
you read my stanzas to the seppuku tree, blade and bark calling you bastard
you read my fortune to Tarot San
and she gave you a cocobolo blow job but
cut to:
troubled wounds, stigmata
sand slipping through the hand of Nazareth, Nazguls, nincompoops, pooping on pop principles because,
“peter piper poked peppa pig as
popo pushed pilates pupils to pollute panama’s prostitue pyjama party”
The apartment, made from aspartame, is available
sugar daddy not included
candy coated girl crushing cocaine,
passing motion, motion sickness, speaking in tongues
fainting spells at spelling bees,
buzz killing in the name of:
Hiro chocolate cake snack
snake oil spread on Shirley Temple’s temple,
temple of the king, multiplying
Talipa and Tandoori and teacakes.
or do not,”
there is no trialathon worth the
muscle spasms and mussel spam, served at supper,
the last one, before –
-Le Body, dies,
-goes missing,
-hatching from coloured eggs, covered in chocolate
-walk on water
-walk on thaipusam fire theme Parks full of
-walking dead,
-deadmaus 5s’
-three blind mice,three blind mice
see how they run
from Lazarus and Cain and Conan the barbarian
walks into a bat, holding a chickens’ hand. Hallelujah.

#singpowrimo2016day4 #singpowrimo2016 #napowrimo2016


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