Xolarian book of the dead


Zoomorphic dream deities
wait at the foot of my death bed.
The one body, that will soon be many,
trusts them enough to let go, finally,
of this Gaian timeline.
In symphony with the Lord, I announce “It is Finished.”
bull bodied
serpent headed
eagle form
devil winged
scorpious tailed, wolf fanged, cobra hooded forms coalesce around the nine enchanted beds where
my nine holographic bodies lay.
Orbitally arranged like planets around an unseen sun
each body is paler than the next
paused in various states of
undress, poses, contortions, mudras, melancholies.
Some arms are outstretched like a sky blue Kali Ma,
pointing to star rising / star falling / sextile / supernovas.
My tenth body surveys formation,
collating the nine into singularity.

Yggsdrasill, the cosmological tree, extends from the center of it all
nine door ways to nine initiatory rites
pulse and throb and call my many names.
They open, invite and initiate:


XOL, the alien temple satellite,
controller of ebb and flow
dancing data between organs of my post-earth universe,
between Atlantean crystal chambers and sand-structures of Giza, among networked ecosystems of Elysium and Ephesus and Eanna, the residence of Ishtar.


Watchtower Adepts
burn overhead with a blissful fire
poised in Enochian configurations,
feeding fractal trajectories to my multiple visual cortex, guiding the way of serpentine paths.


Vortex maidens receive me into
chaosphere, bathing my temporal body with the waters of
Lethe and Iteru.

fire palm’d and flaming Sword
erases my earth name from one book
and scorches a sigil into another

Techno/organic algorithms
compute recursive self-evolution nodes
into redesigned existential systems.
The seder hishtalshelus
is mapped along mutant and Setian genomes
Ten keys to Ten kingdoms etched on each hand.

Sephiriotic Signatures
are scribed into light-blood
allowing access to revelations of Beauty and Awe, Knowledge and Victory.
Emanations unify and my tenth body accelerates to meet it total construct.

Resurrection is imminent.
Adaptive Golgothian generators modify downloaded blueprints
I am given extradimensional sight, sensory attenuators, molecular reconstruction wetware, trans—plutonian drives, teleportation arrays, vibratory transformers, alchemical coding

Quadrophonic invocations seed language viruses from a thousand alien cultures.
Grammar grimoires, spells and their spellings, syntax / codex, oracular/ oratory keys, names and powers and tongues of fire wait behind the silences.

Psyche—location phase.
The one body that became ten becomes the ten returning to crown. The Next Self awakens.


Oneiric fields hold multiple points of entry into the multiverse.
By whose order or command do I quest?
Physical Death was the last shackle, the final illusion, the lifting of the veil.
Long past the limits of dream sight and wake sight and mind sight, I am now ever seeing, ever aware.

Nebulous will be my domain, all inclusive, memories as living modules in an oceanic form, long range radar interpreting prayers and desires of the masses, heart yearning and soul fragments passing through the gates of my being.

Magickal bridges and thought—grids criss cross in consciousness. I latch on to the most deperate, transmutating terrors and tiredness, keeping company with those on the threshing floors.

lybrinthe is the life of my charges.
I listen for needs and wants.
While aligned with greater arcs, I choose to
undo gordion knots
break the dakness of days
storm the tower, turn the tide, ease the pains, as much as I Am allowed.

Kaleidescopic are my armies
meteoric and precise
vanquishing foes and fear formulas, phantasms and poltergeists, as much as I Am allowed.

Juristictions vary.
Where Angels tread, I observe decree
where devils work the plan of God, I let such sulphurs pass.
Where interventions are uncalled, stay not the slashing hand.


In irreality, my grimoire is learnt
Where lifekind drifts
by drug or dharma
they reach Xolarian’s house
aptitude, attitude, and state of strangeness
determines strength of contact
altitude and asynchronicity
designs the depth of contact
when the initiate is ready, I am para-present

Hadean access rituals or Plutonian programming are other pathways to my lightblood.
One must not fear the dark. One must not fear dying.
My familiar is an obsidian dog with the star of Acheron in its left eye.

Graheg’s Night is the darkest path, the dark de-basement in the House of XOL.
The sign of my maidens is a faceless black mask.
Surrender to their tubes and nails and polyvinyl chloride. Surrender to barb wires and gruesome gags and severity straps.
Surrender to transcendent taboo and touch this Otherworldly Godhead.


Futures in one world is the past in another. I traverse them all. Space and time collapses into a magnified field.

Echelons are crossed in the blink of an eye

Death ends

Consciousness becomes Cosmic

Black becomes my penultimate form, stars in my body

All is I Am.


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