“You call upon the dead with your cigarettes?”

I flick ash near her navel.
The small, quick burn on her skin makes her squirm. 
I smell heat rising from her cunt. 

“Unto dust you shall return, they say.”
She laughs. She wants me to put it out on her nipple, as her fingers stoke a deeper fire
but the ghost of her great—great grandfather is in the room with us. Uninvited. Again.

She’s touching herself, and I’m not sure if I should cover her up.
He says to me, “you know what she is.“
I exhale smoke and sigh at the same time.
“Send her to me, make it painless. We’re running out of time.”
“You don’t want to hurt me anymore?” She asks, disappointed.
“No, no, I do, I mean, yes, but”
“It’s either this or an angel takes her with an accident…”

I close my eyes.
She’s crawling on me now, eying my almost finished menthol, whispering, “but what?”
The Old Master tries convincing me some more, “We all know you always wanted to try it on her. Asphyxiation. Her orgasm will be profound, greater than her death….”
She kisses my hand, “Come on baby, twist that red hot tip into my labia…”
I suck on the last bits of smoke, then flick the stub out the window.
“Send her to Us, Son. We need her in her next form. You know this.”
“Fuck off.”
She gasps. Slaps me. Storms out of the room.
I was really just talking to her great great grandfather.
I light another cigarette.


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