Black Sight

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Black Sight by ‪#‎irvingpaulpereira‬

“The first heavenly body to fail will be the sun.” — A prophecy.

Eyes, bon fires, x—ray, halogen,
useless in the ever dark.

(I remember calmness in all that blackness.) Then the cold.

Moon corpse turning to ice, oceans rise.
Cities disappear every month.

The dead from old Atlantis, show up on new shores.

The world as sunken tomb.
Eastern sea board, parts of Africa,
Iceland, Singapore, western sahara,
slips into abyss, darker than night.

The philosophy and function of time, dies.

Poetry in the flight of birds are disrupted.
Migration pattern dissonance.
Mortality rates DECLINE.
Military force deployed.
Bodies crash into bodies until flesh and boundaries merge.

A black sight communion. Death and jewels, all dust beneath our feet.

(I do not remember chaos, only soliloqy of the blind.)
Speaking into unseen vats and microphones as our webbed hands feel out walls and chasms.

We forget the shapes of animals.

The curve and stroke of writing, the importance of numbers, the colours of skin and flag, erased from consciousness.

(What can our money do now?)

Our blood temperature drops.

We stop hungering.


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