Continuum of the interior #0 .

The Fortean Universe is a generic term used for the inner world of the artist.

It is a non-local, alternate dimensional source of content and is accessed by the artist via active imagination, visionary states and dream visitations.

Within this universe or continuum, there exists a planet with a cliched, post-apocalyptic, extraterrestrial character. Think abandoned cities, absent humans, presence of foreign entities, ruin porn, fortean phenomena and unstable physics.

This planet and the world it exists in, is mainly the result of the artists’ lifelong fascination and development with ‘the weird as an ally.’

This Fortean universe has been in existence since the early ages of the artist (circa +-10 years old)

It has gone through countless reinventions but at least 6 major ‘phases’ can be identified.

  1. Era of gun violence (most mundane of the phases)
  2. Lore continuum (magickal contact)
  3. The Red Idol Initiative (magickal expansion)
  4. Ai-Fi satellite appearance (alien contact)
  5. 1000.100 mysteries (mutagenic contact)
  6. XOL (current evolution)

Though the planet is extremely vast (and constantly evolving in size and complexity) at least 3 locations are relatively fixed and regularly visited by the artist. These locations can be considered portals, leading to other charted and uncharted dimensions.

  1. The White Tower
  2. The Construct in The West
  3. Space station XOL

Th3 White Tower is where mental creative processes are most focused and influenced.

Visual, literary and aural data, collated from earth sources are processed, mutated and recreated by a legion of key ‘Influencers.’

These ‘Influencers’ are considered ‘sentient, energetic beings’ or ‘spirits’ who act as ‘guides and foci points’  in the creation process of the artist.

These ‘beings’  are essentially extensions of consciousness of the artist.

Currently, two are identified as:

Nama, The Muppet: Manifesting cartoonish, art brut renditions of his fantasies. Often, he is influenced by his strange memories, dreams and fragmented broadcasts from other non-human dimensions and the collective memories of muppets throughout the universe, which he picks up, like a television.

One of his alien humors is humour.

O.T.O Goya: An Elder Japanese artist with a complex penchant for darkly lit scenes touched by psychosis, occultism and disturbance. Sometimes, he brings out his early years as an experimental image maker, expressing minimalist design and  provoke era photography. He is an influencer for distilling otherworldly phenomena through physical artefacts. This includes mixed media assemblage, dioramas, architectural model building and sculpture. He believes the end product should be ‘serious and realist’ in character.

These two beings can and may fuse, to create hybrid, collaborative works.

Further expansion of these details will be presented, as and when.

These ideas and philosophies have a tendency to change without notice.

The influencers are not limited to the two currently mentioned.


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