prayers to harem

Master bed

in the hive hall

hung masks on the filthy wall

harem full of

half dressed

living dead dolls

Blondes and Asians parading from

red light rooms,

masked in a costumed ball

Jungle fever, delirium, fumes and alcohol

vines, thick and veined

zoological sounds

growling from speakers

mating calls

suspension ropes

weights and hooks and zentai suits
The predator pounces on prey.
dirty debutantes

coil at my feet

bodies painted

cosplayed and crawling in:

Hello pussy suits

Half fish girls with breast clamps

(we’re not in Kansas anymore)

“O, you lion! Beastial king!”

(Mad? We’re all mad here.)

Straitjackets and straps

aphrodisiac love potions
Drink me

Eat me

my comatose bride

death pose

hands on chest with a bloodied rose

(Waiting for Gonad,

for necromantic kiss)

“I’ve seen the best minds of my generation fucking beauties like beasts.”

“Grandfather! You have such big teeth!”

the wolf rides the red haired hooded one

Broken darlings,

coiled at my feet

wrapped in saran and fishnets and sheets

black PVC, gas masks and meat

blue school uniforms

poised for convent punishment

whip the deviants

whipped cream

of the crop
“Wait your turn, child, father is busy with mother”

They wait and watch

surrendered and giggling

filming in night vision
stark naked in stark darkness
a procession of princesses
—Elsa teased with ice on labia

—Poca, colonised by white men

—Cinderell fondling feet

—Snow White flesh and

happy endings for six bearded men and

a dope fiend.
but there is only one queen.
(negress, leather spiked)

half woman half teen

brute force of pleasure

bathtubs of soap and sin
This is the garden of earthly delights.

a pandemonium passion of

lash and nail,

blood and water and erotic pain.
“Suffer for heaven, for ecstasy,

eat my manna.”
“Yes, Lord.”
They obey their All-Father.

They kneel and receive

the seed of my wisdom

the fruit of my loins.

They offer me the milk of Nut*

they kneel and pray to their goat headed horned god
on the Master bed,
in the heart of

harem hall.

*Nut is the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of ancient Egyptian religion. She was seen as a star-covered nude woman arching over the earth.


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