bedcide museum

(partial list of #sections)

##sex&death-installations at the body farm##
(with index of postures and staging)

-traditional crucifixion +

-reverse prayer position

-metamorphosis of the monarch

-the star X

-neptune’s bride (with octopi, eels)
##paragon of implements##
(ice picks, spikes, plastic bags, fire brand, wooden stake, cattle prod, etc)

iron maiden.

furniture constructs made from pipe, iron bars, planks
##aquariums with figures (wax replicas)##
let the tongue dangle (honey drip)

fresh period blood on skin

(aren’t you such an art form?)

pale with powder, more here, neck and thighs,

baby talcum slipping between the cracks

soil/ venus fly traps /vines

live serpents
#film serie# ( exploration of extreme emotional states)
-gentlemen on pure bred stallions sporting rifles

In heat (of the hunt)

the nude fox runs blind in the dense fields
-electrical wire wound

copper pricking

current touching

skin sweat wet
-sweatbox intercourse
-premature burial with sexual devices attached (12-hour directors cut)
#medical hall#

-artificial limbs

-bandage bondage

-implementation and removal of vaginal sutures


-speculum & the investigation of body orifices

-oxygen deprivation
*no entry for minors

** human toilet available upon request.


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