10.1.3 the prophetic sea of sleep 

The boy is having a vision in sleep.

He is tiny within the scene. The world is heavy, storm poised and bloated with dark grey clouds. 

The sea is doomed, slow and churning. 

There is a water theme park, trapped like an island in the middle of this ocean planet. 

The boy is looking at a multi—level water slide ride, eight stories high. The slides at the peak have no safety sides. 

A large body of water falls from the roiling sky, a merciless mass crashes into the structure, then into a watery grave. 

The impact is creating massive waves that are rising slowly like a tsunami. 
The towering tides are knocking out nearby stations where there are other water amusement rides. 
The boy is observing from far away. Everything appears small to him, like a diorama. 

He strains his eyes to find micro figures:

A mother in a bathing suit is embracing her boy, seconds before they are swallowed. 

He sees other miniature bodies, especially children, tossing and falling with waves the size of mountains. 

A phone conversation is overheard. 

A husband is repeating to me what his wife is telling him, “His strain (strange) is very blur.” 

He says to me, “I don’t know what she means.”

Two Chinese girls are in a small office with no lights. They are opening a door they are not supposed to and find two cluttered desks with empty seats. This confirms for me the absence of specific office staff I’m supposed to meet. 

The wife says to the husband, who says to me, “He’s already strange (strain) on normal nights, but that night…”
Mother is asleep but she also kneels by my bed. I know there is metal in her body and I wake up to help her up and realise I cannot breathe. My heart pump is blocked. I force myself up with a horrific gasp. Air floods my savaged lungs. 

She saves me from apnea death.

She hands me a fifty dollar note. Two Guardian men are standing around the sleeping boy, about to take him out of bed. 

Mother gestures at me to stop them. I place the folded note between my palms in a sign of prayer and approach them. I tell one of them, “the boy is just having a dream. It is not a vision.“ I open my palms to show him the folded note. 

He shakes my hand to furtively take it. The other man does not see our transaction. 

They do not take the boy away from us, which is the protocol, if he was having a prophecy in sleep. 


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